Key features

One page

I specialise in summarising key information on a single page so that it's visual, quick to read, and looks as good on the wall as it does in a manual, report or training guide.  

Easy to read

I write concisely in plain English and the language that you and your teams use every day. No jargon. No strangled prose.


Everything I make is tailored for the people who are going to be using it. It has to work in their physical space, their language, their culture.

What people think

At TradeMe we introduced a new structure for organising how we work together in teams. We needed to communicate this to everyone in a simple and visual way and it was important for us to have a brief visual guide that would help people understand and relate to the new structure. Julie analysed lots of information, extracted the essence and created a beautiful one-pager that summarised everything important in one page. Julie’s work has helped us with some major changes and I have since used her services with TradeMe and other clients.

Sandy Mamoli, Co-Owner and Director, Nomad8

Julie always seems to know exactly what I need and she gets it done, beautifully, on time. What started as one job has now turned into an ongoing business relationship where Julie regularly creates all kinds of documents, tools and forms that I use in my health auditing and consulting business.

– Penny London, Director, London Quality Solutions

Julie helped us to distill a disparate set of processes and strands of thought into a coherent flowchart that helped us to clarify our thinking and further develop our strategy.

– Brenda Leeuwenberg, Digital Strategist, NZ On Air